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Incredible stories of real client success

Ron Tulley – England Boxing

“Unorthobox have been working with England Boxing for over a year now and have really helped to advise the Governing Body on how we can make our clubs more inclusive to members of all abilities.”

Having attended a session myself the overwhelming thoughts that stuck with me were just how much fun you can have in a boxing session with members of different ages and abilities.

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Kim Parkinson, St Georges Crypt, Leeds

“Unorthobox live up to their belief that everyone is entitled to improve their overall health & well being regardless of age,background or ability. “

Fun sessions at St George’s Crypt have enabled homeless and vulnerable adults to engage in a range of fun activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. The Unorthobox instructors have inspired and encouraged our service users to experience the benefits of exercise.

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“After playing tennis and football for many years, I had decided to take up a bit of boxing and Sarah-Jane of Unorthobox had provided a perfect opportunity to do so at Heaton Tennis & Squash Club, the club I have played tennis for and been a team captain for the last 11-12 years. ”

Having always been inspired by watching the big fights, watching the legendary Rocky movies over the years and also preparing for
my tennis matches by listening to Rocky soundtracks, Unorthobox provided the perfect opportunity at my local tennis club for weekly Mixed Ability non-contact boxing sessions which I jumped at the chance to do.

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Hardeep Singh Bubbra

“When I was growing up I loved my food and hated exercise, so much so my weight ballooned up to a massive 22 stones by the age of 18. I was very unfit but because I was tall I could get away with it (at least that is what I thought!).”

When I got to 21 years old, I decided I wanted to try something different, I had always played with the idea of boxing but never had the confidence to walk into the gym due to the stereo type of alpha males and violence if you don’t look the part. After a few weeks thinking about the gym I plucked up the courage to go. I went to a boxing gym where I met Colin Manners. Due to my overly large size and age I was over looked by some in the gym but Colin Manners gave me the encouragement to continue my journey. 

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Colin Sykes

“Thinking of getting fit and losing some weight, then I recommend boxing training!!!!”

To all who are interested, my name is Colin I am 51 years of age and recently made a conscious decision to lose some weight and get fitter as I was almost 14 stone, a smoker and had the usual “old man belly”. 

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